~Tyrone Power Sr.~

Born: May 2, 1869 in London, England, UK
Died: December 23, 1931 (age 62) in Los Angeles, California, USA
The Big Trail (1930) ... Red Flack (as Tyrone Power)

The Elegy (Short) (1927) ... Servant of Satan
Hands Across the Border (1926) ... John Drake (as Tyrone Power)
Out of the Storm (1926) ... Mr. Lawrence (as Tyrone Power)
The Test of Donald Norton (1926) ... John Corrigal (as Tyrone Power)
Bride of the Storm (1926) ... Jacob Kroon (as Tyrone Power)
Braveheart (1926) ... Standing Rock (as Tyrone Power)
The Red Kimona (1925) ... Gabrielle's Father (as Tyrone Power)
A Regular Fellow (1925) ... King (as Tyrone Power)
Where Was I? (1925) ... George Stone (as Tyrone Power)
The Wanderer (1925) ... Jesse (as Tyrone Power)
The Law and the Lady (1925) ... John Langley Sr (as Tyrone Power)
Greater Than Marriage (1924) ... Father (as Tyrone Power)
For Another Woman (1924)
The Story Without a Name (1924) ... Drakma (as Tyrone Power)
Trouping with Ellen (1924) ... Mr. Llewellyn (as Tyrone Power)
Janice Meredith (1924) ... General Cornwallis (as Tyrone Power)
The Lone Wolf (1924) ... Bannon (as Tyrone Power)
Damaged Hearts (1924) ... Sandy (as Tyrone Power)
The Day of Faith (1923) ... Michael Anstell (as Tyrone Power)
The Daring Years (1923) ... James LaMotte (as Tyrone Power)
Wife in Name Only (1923) ... Dornham (as Tyrone Power)
Bright Lights of Broadway (1923) ... John Kirk (as Tyrone Power)
The Truth About Wives (1923) ... Howard Hendricks (as Tyrone Power)
Fury (1923) ... Captain Leyton (as Tyrone Power)
Footfalls (1921) ... Hiram Scudder (as Tyrone Power)
The Black Panther's Cub (1921) ... Count Boris Orliff (as Tyrone Power)
Dream Street (1921) ... Street Preacher (as Tyrone Power)
The Great Shadow (1920) ... Jim McDonald (as Tyrone Power)

The Mad Woman (Short) (1919)
National Red Cross Pageant (1918) ... Servia - Final episode (as Tyrone Power)
Lorelei of the Sea (1917) ... Paul (as Tyrone Power)
The Planter (1917) ... Ludwig Hertzer (as Tyrone Power)
The Eye of God (1916) ... Olaf (as Tyrone Power)
Where Are My Children? (1916) ... District Attorney Richard Walton (as Mr. Tyrone Power)
John Needham's Double (1916) ... Lord John Needham / Joseph Norbury (as Tyrone Power)
Thou Shalt Not Covet (1916) ... I, or the Hero
The Devil-in-Chief (Short) (1916) ... Johann Szekler (as Tyrone Power)
Sweet Alyssum (1915) ... Roanoke Brooks (as Tyrone Power)
A Texas Steer (1915) ... Maverick Brander (as Mr. Tyrone Power)
Aristocracy (1914) ... Jefferson Stockton (as Tyrone Power)
Though invariably referred to by latter-day historians as Tyrone Power Sr., British stage and screen actor
Tyrone Power never billed himself as such during his lifetime. The grandson of legendary Irish actor
Tyrone Power (1797-1841) and the son of concert pianist Harold Power, he was sent to Florida by his
family in 1883 to learn the citrus fruit business. Instead, he gravitated to the theater, billing himself
variously as Tyrone Power II and Tyrone Power the Younger. He made his Broadway debut in 1886, and
for the next 30 years starred in one successful stage vehicle after another. In 1914 he entered films,
where it was said that he was never truly comfortable until director Henry King urged Power to forget
his lines (which couldn't be heard anyway) and go along with his own emotional impulses. He continued
playing colorful character roles throughout the silent era, the most memorable of which included Lord
Cornwallis in the Marion Davies historical drama Janice Meredith (1924). His rich, booming voice was
heard onscreen only once, when he played the villainous Red Flack in the early talkie Western epic The
Big Trail (1930). Married three times, Power outlived all of his wives. While filming The Miracle Man in
1931, Tyrone Power suffered a massive heart attack and died in the arms of his namesake son, who, out
of respect for his father, billed himself as Tyrone Power Jr. until he was firmly established as a film idol in
his own right.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com