Directed by: Maurice Tourneur

Written by:
Fred Myton

Marion Fairfax - titles

Owen Moore ... Hansen
Bessie Love ... Marie
Jean Hersholt ... Boris
Joseph Kilgour ... Charles G. Hammond
Maude George ... Mrs. Hammond
Morgan Wallace ... Jules Carstock
George Cooper ... Chick Fogarty
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Maurice Tourneur Productions

Distribution Company:
Associated First National Pictures

Produced by: Maurice Tourneur
Cinematography by: Arthur L. Todd
Film Editing by: Frank Lawrence
Assistant Director: Scott R. Beal
Set Designer:
Jack Okey
M.C. Levee

Length: 6 Reels
60 Minutes
February 25, 1924
~Plot Synopsis~
Count Boris escapes from Russia during the Revolution with the crown jewels, intending to use them
to aid his starving countrymen. Three international crooks--Carstock, Hansen, and Fogarty--plan to
steal the jewels, but Hansen meets Marie en route to Yokohama and decides to go straight. They are
all engulfed, including Boris, by an earthquake and trapped in a bank vault. Boris is slain. Hansen
gets the jewels, which he promises to use helping the poor. He and Marie are rescued, and they plan
to marry.
~208: Owen Moore in TORMENT 1924~