~Those Lovesick Cowboys~
Directed by: Al Christie

Louise Glaum ... Mabel Jones
Eddie Lyons
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Nestor Film Company

Distribution Company: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Produced by: David Horsley

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: September 13, 1912
~Plot Synopsis~
The advent of Mabel Jones on her uncle's ranch in Stony Gulch creates great havoc among the boys.
Three of them, Bob, Frank and Jack are so smitten with her charms as to forget their own
sweethearts who rise up in arms and are glad indeed when Mabel's visit is over. The boys' hearts go
with Mabel and for a while an atmosphere of gloom surrounds them. Secretly each writes a letter to
the fair one, addressing it to Miss Mabel Jones. Los Angeles, for lack of better direction. The three
letters are delivered to a Miss Mabel Jones, an old maid living at 1482 North Street, Los Angeles, and
the old dame goes crazy on receiving three proposals of marriage. She eagerly answers the letters
stating that she would marry the first to reach her. Bob, Frank and Jack receive the letters in due
time, read the contents and decide to keep the treasure secret from one another. They make a dash
for the corral and, mounting their horses, ride away at a breakneck speed. Bob reaches the village
first and, as several miles intervene from there to the railroad station, he looks around for a faster
method of locomotion. Pressing an automobile into service he soon leaves his companions behind.
Frank not wishing to be left out of the race, engages a motorcycle, and speeds away down the road as
though bent upon breaking all records. The best that Jack can do is to change his horse for a fresh
one. Bob, overconfident of victory, is taking things easy when something goes wrong with his
machine. Frank and Jack both pass him and in despair he abandons the automobile and gives chase
on foot. A razor-back mule comes to Bob's rescue. In the meantime, Frank is pondering over his ill-
luck when Bob and the mule appear. Against Bob's vehement protest Frank leaps on the mule's back
and off they go. At the depot Jack has to wait for the train, which delays long enough to give the other
two boys an equal chance. Arriving in the city they scramble hither and thither in a feverish search for
North Street, the home of their loved one. Bob is first to reach Miss Jones' house, and on asking for
the lady is much astonished to feel the loving embrace of the old maid. He manages to free himself
just as Frank rushes in, and he, too, receives a very affectionate welcome. Jack comes in last,
precipitating into the yearning arms of Miss Jones. The three boys work hard to get out of the old
maid's clutches, and finally succeeded in leaving the house. Panting, they atop in front of a church
and are amazed to see the lovely Miss Jones in her bridal array step into an automobile with the
happy bridegroom. The wedding guests look on in amusement to see three cowboys attempting to
speak to the bride. Old Miss Jones is on the trail, and Bob, Frank and Jack cut short their
conversation and make a dash for the wild and woolly.

—Moving Picture World synopsis