~The Young Mrs. Winthrop~
Directed by: Walter Edwards

Written by:

Edith M. Kennedy - scenario

Based on
the play by Bronson Howard

Ethel Clayton ... Constance Winthrop
Harrison Ford ... Douglas Winthrop
Helen Dunbar ... Old Mrs. Winthrop
Joan Marsh ... Rosie (as Dorothy Rosher)
Winifred Greenwood ... Mrs. Dick Chetwyn
J.M. Dumont ... Dick Rodney
Charles Ogle ... Buxton Scott
Raymond Hatton ... Nick Jones
Mabel Van Buren ... Mrs. Dunbar
Viora Daniel ... Janet
Walter Hiers ... Dick Chetwyn
Rex Zane ... Bob
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution Company:
Paramount-Artcraft Pictures

Cinematography by: Henry Kotani
Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
50 Minutes
February 29, 1920
~Plot Synopsis~
The Winthrops have been drifting apart gradually, Douglas devoted to his business and Constance to
her social life. For the sake of their small daughter Rosie, they decide to make reparations, with
Douglas agreeing to spend more time at home and Constance giving up her socializing. Mrs. Dunbar,
a widow with a grudge against Constance, decides to thwart the couple's reconciliation. Overhearing
Constance phoning her regrets for a party, Mrs. Dunbar calls Douglas and, pretending that she is his
wife, tells him not to come home as she is going to party. Douglas is deeply hurt and accepts Mrs.
Dunbar's dinner invitation. When Constance learns of his betrayal, the couple are further estranged.
After the death of Rosie, their last remaining bond, the Winthrops decide to separate until an old
friend intervenes and recalls the love and happiness they once shared, thus healing the breach
between husband and wife.
~321-3: Ethel Clayton~