~The Web of Desire~
Directed by: Emile Chautard

Written by:
Frances Marion
E. Lloyd Sheldon(story)

Ethel Clayton ... Grace Miller
Rockliffe Fellowes ... John Miller
Doris Field ... Mrs. Langley
Richard Turner ... Stuart Mordant
Edward Kimball ... Thomas Hurd
Madge Evans ... Marjorie
William A. Williams ... Robert Elwell
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Peerless Productions
World Film

Distribution Company:
World Film

Cinematography by: Lucien Tainguy
Presenter: William A. Brady

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: March 5, 1917
~Plot Synopsis~
When his wife Grace inherits her father's stock, John Miller, the president of the Western Power and
Development Company, becomes a millionaire and moves to New York with his family. Beset by
business problems, Miller pays little attention to his wife, and Grace, feeling neglected, takes up with
a bohemian set. Among her new acquaintances she meets Stuart Mordant, the attorney for Thomas
Hurd, a business rival of Miller's. Grace seeks refuge from loneliness in Mordant, who makes a
bargain with Hurd to gain control of her husband's company for half a million dollars. Mordant
succeeds in compromising Grace and Miller, finding evidence of his wife's betrayal, insists upon a
divorce. Grace transfers her stock to Mordant, and at the stockholders' meeting, Hurd demands
Miller's resignation. He is about to comply when Grace enters, exposes Mordant and destroys the
transfer. Miller offers Mordant a pistol, suggesting that suicide is his only honorable alternative.
Mordant takes the gun and leaves the room, but escapes to Europe, leaving behind a note which
exonerates Grace. Grace and Miller then decide to unravel their problems together.