~The Sign of the Snake~
Directed by: Charles Giblyn

Sherman Bainbridge ... Col. Crewe
Ann Little ... Moon Chew
William Clifford ... Lt. Hurd
Louise Glaum ... Edith - Hurd's Fiancée
Walter Edwards
Gayne Whitman ... Secondary Role
Fanny Midgley
Margaret Thompson
Estelle Allen
Miss Durham
Louis Morrison
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Kay-Bee Pictures

Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Producer: Thomas H. Ince

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: November 28, 1913
~Plot Synopsis~
Colonel Crewe, in charge of a fort near the Mexican border, receives word that some Chinese are
about to be smuggled across the line. He details Lieutenant Hurd to attend to the matter. Hurd, with
a few soldiers, succeeds in capturing the Chinese, among whom is a Christianized girl, Moon Chew.
She falls in love with Hurd. Moon Chew has been sold to a wealthy Chinaman in Frisco and Foo Choo,
who is looking after his interests at the fort, informs him of what has happened. Hurd finds a sign on
the door on which is drawn a snake and also an inscription telling him to leave Moon Choo at the
depot. Hurd informs the colonel of this action. Word comes from Washington that all the Chinese
captured, including the girl, must be deported. Moon Chew is heartbroken. Hurd's sweetheart, Edith,
comes to the fort to marry Hurd. One day as he is dressing he discovers the snake on the bosom of
his shirt and he sends a lieutenant to the laundry, where they capture the wealthy Chinaman, who
has come to the fort. He protests innocence, but to no avail. In the meantime, while Hurd and Edith
are in a trysting spot, Moon Chew comes upon the lovers' scene. In the background she sees Foo
Choo with poised dagger aimed at Hurd. She intervenes and receives the dagger, which finally results
in her death in the arms of Hurd. Foo Choo in trying to escape is shot and killed by the soldiers, who
have taken the wealthy Chinaman prisoner.

—Moving Picture World synopsis