~The Sign of the Cross~
Directed by: Frederick A. Thomson

Based on the play by Wilson Barrett.

William Farnum ... Marcus Superbus
Rosina Henley ... Mercia, a Christian maid
Sheridan Block ... Nero
Morgan Thorpe ... Favius
Ethel Grey Terry ... Berenice
Lila Barclay  ... Poppaea
George Majeroni ... Tigellinus
Ogden Childe ... Stephanus
Ethel Phillips ... Dacia
Charles E. Vernon ... Glabrio
Rienzi De Cordova ... Philodemus
Madge Evans ... Little Christian girl in arena (uncredited)
Kittens Reichert ... Child (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

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Cinematography by: Herbert J. Siddons
Assistant Director: Harry Jay Smith

Length: 4-5 Reels
Runtime: 40 - 50 Minutes
Released: December 21, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
In 64 A.D., Marcus Superbus is Prefect of Rome. When the Emperor Nero decides to renew
persecution of the Christians, Marcus opposes him, fearing for the safety of Mercia, the Christian
woman whom he loves. Through the machinations of the Empress Poppaea and other women at
court, Tigellinus, Nero's agent in the war against the Christians, convinces Nero to have Mercia
arrested. Marcus appeals to the emperor for mercy, but is told that she can be saved only by
renouncing Christianity. Waiting to enter the arena to be killed, Mercia steadfastly refuses to reject
her religion, despite Marcus' pleas. Finally, Marcus is converted by her and they enter the arena to
face death together.