~The Seven Sisters~
Directed by: Sidney Olcott

Based on the play by Edith Ellis Furness and Ferenc Herczeg.

Madge Evans ... Clara
Dorothea Camden ... Liza
Georgia Fursman ... Perka
Marguerite Clark ... Mici
Jean Stewart ... Ella
I. Feder ... Sari
Lola Barclay ... Katinka
Conway Tearle ... Count Horkoy
Georges Renavent ... Toni
Mayne Lunton ... Gida
Sidney Mason ... Sandorffy
Charles Kraus ... Innkeeper
Camille Dalberg ... Mother
Marjorie Nelson ... Bertha
Edwin Mordant ... Baron Rodviany
Dick Lee ... Servant
Lizzie Goode ... Innkeeper's Wife
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players Film Company

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Presenter: Daniel Frohman

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: July 26, 1915

Filmed on location at Briarcliff Manor, New York, USA.
~Plot Synopsis~
Gida, a Hungarian officer's widow, lives in a small garrison town with seven daughters. Mici, the
middle daughter, delights her younger sisters with her wildness, but her attractiveness worries her
elder sisters, as the Hungarian marriage custom requires sisters to marry in order of age. If a younger
sister marries before an elder, the elder becomes a spinster and has difficulty finding a mate. When
her elder sisters complain that Mici's pranks drive away possible suitors, Gida sends Mici to a
convent school. She sneaks off one evening to a costume ball and meets a dashing lieutenant, Count
Horkoy, who falls in love with her. Expelled from the convent for this prank, Mici returns home and is
forced to wear the short dresses of a young girl until her sisters marry. Horkoy follows and,
masquerading as Cousin Toni, he arranges marriages for Mici's elder sisters, the price for each
success being a kiss from Mici. Although the wrong suitors fall in love with the wrong girls, after
Baron Rodviany arrives and proposes to Katinka, the eldest sister, whom he had loved years earlier,
four joyful weddings are precipitated.