~The Seal of Silence~
Directed by: Charles Giblyn

Written by:
C. Gardner Sullivan (scenario)

Charles Edler
Louise Glaum
Richard Stanton
Mildred Harris
Thelma Salter
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Kay-Bee Pictures

Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: June 27, 1913
~Plot Synopsis~
A railroad plant is set afire by striking workmen, and the firemen are prevented from extinguishing
the flames by the infuriated strikers. The troops are called out and martial law prevails. John Owens,
who was counseling the men to take peaceful methods, is charged with inciting the riot and is given a
ten year sentence. Mrs. Owens lives in poverty and her two children, Cyril and Mildred, go into the
railroad yards, where they gather coal. Seeing the watchman coming, Cyril jumps into a freight car,
while Mildred manages to escape to her home. The mother reports the loss of her child to the police,
and the newspapers give much space to the case. The car in which Cyril is hiding is bound for the
west and nobody notices the little fellow inside when the door is locked and sealed. The car, being
laden with groceries, the little fellow does not starve, and when it reaches its destination two tramps
break open the seal and Cyril jumps out and runs away. He is found by an Indian chief, who keeps
him. At the expiration of Owen's term he and his wife go west. Their wagon train is overtaken by
Indians and in the skirmish Cyril recognizes his mother. He saves his parents and sister from the
Indians and leads them to a hiding place. Cyril is wounded and is brought back to health at the post
by his Indian sweetheart, Wampa. His parents plead with him to leave the Indians and his
sweetheart and, after battling with conflicting emotions, his white nature asserts itself, and he yields
to his mother's entreaties,

—Moving Picture World synopsis