~The Rush Hour~
Directed by: E. Mason Hopper

Written by:

Leslie Mason - titles
Zelda Sears - adaptation
Fred Stanley - writer

Based on
the story "The Azure Shore," by Frederic Hatton and Fanny

Marie Prevost ... Margie Dolan
Harrison Ford ... Dan Morley
Seena Owen ... Yvonne Dorée
David Butler ... William Finch
Ward Crane ... Dunrock
Arthur Hoyt ... Professor Jones
Wilson Benge ... Travel Agent (uncredited)
Mathilde Comont ... Chanteuse at Bohemia Cafe (uncredited)
William Irving ... Seasick Shipboard Passenger (uncredited)
Franklin Pangborn ... Troublemaker at Bohemia Cafe (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: DeMille Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company:
Pathé Exchange

Cinematography by: Dewey Wrigley
Film Editing by: Donn Hayes
rt Direction by: Charles L. Cadwallader
Assistant Director: Charles C. Coleman
John C. Flinn
F. McGrew Willis

Length: 6 Reels
60 Minutes
December 12, 1928
~Plot Synopsis~
Margie Dolan, a ticket agent in a steamship office, dreams of endless pleasure and adventures
abroad, while her sweetheart, Dan Morley, a drugstore owner, is devoted to his business and his
eventual marriage to Margie. When the horrors of commuting become unendurable, Margie suggests
they take a honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls, but he is shocked at her extravagance; as she boards an
ocean liner on a business errand, Margie decides to stowaway, and when discovered she is put to
work in the linen room. Dunrock and Yvonne, an unscrupulous pair who plan to relieve Finch, an oil
millionaire, of his fortune, hire Margie as a companion to Finch. On the Riviera, Yvonne becomes
jealous of Dunrock's attentions to Margie, provoking a riot that culminates in the arrival of Dan, who
promises the terrified Margie a fine honeymoon.
~301-129: Arthur Hoyt and Harrison Ford~