~The Power and the Glory~
Directed by: Lawrence C. Windom

Written by:
Grace MacGowan Cooke (writer)
Hamilton Smith (scenario)
Harry O. Hoyt (scenario)

June Elvidge ... Jonnie Consadine
Frank Mayo ... Gray Stoddard
Madge Evans ... Deanie Consadine
Johnny Hines ... Charley Conroy
Al Hart ... Pros Passmore
Clay Clement ... Shade Buckheath
Jack Drumier ... Hardwick
Ricca Allen ... Laurella Consadine
Ned Burton ... Pap Himes
James Sheridan ... Milo Consadine
Charles Jackson ... Pony Consadine
Inez Ranous ... Mavity Bence
Violet Reed ... Lydia Sessions
Grace Stevens ... Mrs. Archibald
Attilio Corbell ... Dr. Millsaps
Nora Cecil ... Mandy Meacham
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Cinematography by: Max Schneider

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: September 2, 1918
~Plot Synopsis~
In order to help her poverty-stricken family, Jonnie Consadine, a strong-willed young woman from
the Blue Ridge Mountains, comes to the city and takes a job in a mill, while her uncle, Pros Passmore,
continues his endless search for a lost silver mine. One of the mill owners, Gray Stoddard, who
wishes to improve the working conditions at the mill, takes an interest in Jonnie, to the chagrin of
Shade Buckheath, a loom hand who had hoped to marry her. When Jonnie's boardinghouse owner,
Pap Himes, learns that Pros has discovered his lost mine, he and Shade beat the old man into
unconsciousness and steal his silver. Pap then marries Jonnie's mother and puts the children to work
in the mill, which deeply hurts Gray, who erroneously imagines that Jonnie approves of Pap's actions.
After several adventures in which the lives of both Gray and Jonnie are threatened, Gray learns the
truth about Jonnie, his future wife, and Pros's mine is restored to the Consadine family.