~The Love Net~
Directed by: Tefft Johnson

Written by:
Clara Beranger

Charles Ascot ... James Henley
William T. Carleton ... John Harding
Blanche Craig ... Martha Henley
Jack Drumier ... Captain Amos Barnes
Madge Evans ... Patty Barnes
Kate Lester ... Mrs. Gaythorne
Charles Sutton ... Eben Cobb
Nora Cecil (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Music by: Hirsch
Cinematography by: Alfred Huger Moses Jr.

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 23, 1918
~Plot Synopsis~
Little Patty Barnes lives with her grandfather, Captain Amos Barnes, in a rickety shack on the New
England coast. The wealthy Mrs. Gaythorne, who wishes to adopt Patty, instructs James Henley to
secure the mortgage on the shack, and when Amos, now homeless and penniless, departs for the poor
farm, Patty is forced to live with the cruel old woman. In the poor farm, Amos meets his two old
boyhood companions, Eben Cobb, who runs the establishment, and John Harding, a millionaire who
is posing as a poverty-stricken invalid in order to escape his greedy relatives. Having learned that his
old friends are as good-hearted and loyal as he remembered them, John leaves Eben a large check and
asks Patty to meet him near his yacht for a "pirate cruise." Intending to drown himself, Amos sets sail
in his boat and, unaware that Patty is on board, pulls the plugs. The boat is about to go under when
John rescues the two and takes them aboard his yacht to a life of comfort and happiness.