~The Love Defender~
Directed by: Tefft Johnson

Written by:
George DuBois Proctor (scenario)
Maravene Thompson (story)

June Elvidge ... Hope Meredith
Frank Mayo ... Frank Rodney
Madge Evans ... Dolly Meredith
Tefft Johnson ... Dr. Meredith
Eloise Clement ... Anita Day
Isabel O'Madigan ... Mrs. Meredith
Marie Burke ... Mrs. Grey
Texas Guinan
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Cinematography by: Sol Polito

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: March 31, 1919
~Plot Synopsis~
Hope Meredith, a country doctor's daughter, loves Frank Rodney, a doctor on her father's staff, who
is engaged to Anita Day who jilts him for a multi-millionaire named Bates. After Dr. Meredith and his
wife die in an automobile accident, Frank takes over the practice, marries Hope, and lives with her
and her little sister Dolly. Anita, meanwhile, bored with her husband, writes to Frank, who visits her
in the city. Their newly kindled romance subdues temporarily when Hope threatens Anita. After
Bates' death, hastened when, during a serious illness, Anita encouraged him to smoke, Anita
implores Frank to go with her around the world. Frank tells Hope their marriage is a failure and
leaves. After sending Frank a suicide note, Hope stops herself from drowning when she decides she
has no right to kill her unborn child as well. When Frank sees Anita's temper flare as she hurls a
statuette, he returns home and lives happily with Hope.