~The Little Patriot~
Directed by: William Bertram

Written by:
John Grey (story)
Lela E. Rogers (scenario)

Marie Osborne ... The Little Patriot
Herbert Standing ... Her Grandfather
Marion Warner ... Her Mother
Jack Connolly ... Undetermined Role
Frank Lanning ... Undetermined Role
Madge Evans ... Undetermined Role
Florence Sottong ... Little Girl
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Diando Film Corporation

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Cinematography by: William Nobles

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 7, 1917
~Plot Synopsis~
Instilled with the spirit of patriotism after her teacher reads to her the story of Joan of Arc, Marie
Yarbell goes home, persuades her father to enlist and then organizes a "military company" comprised
of her playmates. Wealthy old Nathan Mulhouser, who is financing the development of a torpedo, is
so touched by the children's patriotism that he buys them a flag. Marie's mother rents out a vacant
room to Hertz, a stranger, who instructs her to see that no one enters his room because he is working
on an important invention for the government. Curious, Marie follows Hertz as he leaves the house
carrying a suitcase. He goes to a building that houses Mulhouser's laboratory, tosses in a bomb and
runs away. Marie disposes of the bomb in time, but is stunned by the explosion. Mulhouser finds
Marie in a state of shock and takes her to his home. Meanwhile, Mr. Yarbell has returned home at his
wife's alarm and finds Marie's soldiers holding the spies prisoner. Mulhouser finally ascertains
Marie's identity, discovering that she is his granddaughter, and all ends happily.