~The Little Duchess~
Directed by: Harley Knoles

Written by:
Julia Burnham (story)

Madge Evans ... Geraldine Carmichael
Pinna Nesbit ... Evelyn Carmichael
Jack Drumier ... Earl of Carinmore
J. Gunnis Davis ... Jim Dawson
Patrick Foy ... Jim Snyder
Maxine Elliott Hicks ... Sophia Dawson
James Sheridan ... Billy
Nellie Anderson ... Mrs. Dawson
Charles Hartley ... Pop Hinkle
Richard Clarke ... Bradford
Harry Bartlett ... Hobson
Nora Cecil ... Orphanage Matron
Ivan Dobble ... A. Carmichael
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Peerless Productions
World Film

Distribution Company:
World Film

Cinematography by: Alfred Huger Moses Jr.
Presenter: William A. Brady

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 20, 1917
~Plot Synopsis~
Impoverished widow Evelyn Carmichael, aware that she is about to die, writes to her wealthy
father-in-law Lord Carmichael, who had disowned his son years earlier, pleading that he rescue his
granddaughter Geraldine, known as Jerry, from a life in the slums. Lord Carmichael, an avowed
woman-hater since his wife disappeared years earlier with his brother, expects Jerry to be a boy and
is appalled to find otherwise. However, the lord is won over by Jerry's sweetness, and when Jim
Dawson, a neighbor of Jerry's from the tenements, arrives at Carnimore Castle with his daughter
Sophia, whom he is trying to pass off as Jerry, the lord exposes them as imposters and then expells
them from his castle. Meanwhile, Jerry has also won over the hearts of the servants, whom she is
drilling into a play army. One day, while on an excursion into an unused tower of the castle, they
discover a locked room in which reside two skeletons. A note near one of the skeletons explains that
Lord Carmichael's wife and his brother had been exploring the tower when the lock sprung and
trapped them, causing their deaths. Lord Carmichael, realizing that his wife didn't betray him, has his
faith in women restored and makes Jerry mistress of the castle.