~The Light of Western Stars~
Directed by: William K. Howard

Written by:
George C. Hull - adaptation
Lucien Hubbard - adaptation

Based on the novel by Zane Grey

Jack Holt ... Gene Stewart
Billie Dove ... Madeline Hammond
Noah Beery ... Brand
Alma Bennett ... Bonita
William Scott ... Al Hammond
George Nichols ... Billy Stillwell
Mark Hamilton ... Monty Price
Bob Perry  ... Nelse
Eugene Pallette ... Stub
Jack Kenny ... Minor Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Lucien N. Andriot
Production Manager: Howard Hawks (uncredited)
Presented by: Jesse L. Lasky & Adolph Zukor

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: June 22, 1925
~Plot Synopsis~
During a poker game, Al Hammond kills one of Brand's men and flees across the Mexican border,
fearing that Brand, a notorious bandit and killer, will attempt to revenge himself. Madeline
Hammond, Al's sister, comes from the East and is accosted at the station by Gene Stewart, a drunken
gunfighter who has vowed to marry the first white woman he sees. When he discovers who Madeline
is, Gene summons decency enough to send for Al's foreman, who escorts her to her brother's ranch.
Brand's men run off the Hammond cattle, and Madeline appeals to Gene for help. Sobering up, Gene
organizes a posse and recovers the cattle, dispersing Brand's gang. Madeline and Gene fall in love;
but when she sees him talking to Bonita, Al's sweetheart, she suspects him of philandering. Gene gets
mad and rides over the border. Brand kidnaps Madeline and later captures Gene and Al. Brand sends
Al back to his ranch to raise a $10,000 ransom, threatening to kill Gene if he does not return. Al
returns with armed men instead of money, arriving just in time to save Gene from death and his
sister from certain dishonor. Gene kills Brand, and the outlaw gang is broken up.