~The Last Edition~
Directed by: Emory Johnson

Written by: Emilie Johnson

Ralph Lewis ... Tom McDonald
Lila Leslie ... Mary McDonald
Ray Hallor ... Ray McDonald
Frances Teague ... Polly McDonald
Rex Lease ... Clarence Walker
Louis Payne ... George Hamilton
David Kirby  ... Red Morgan
Wade Boteler ... Mike Fitzgerald
Cuyler Supplee ... Gerald Fuller
Lee Willard ... Aaron Hoffman
Will Frank ... Sam Blotz
Ada Mae Vaughn ... Hamilton's Stenographer
William Bakewell ... 'Ink' Donovan
Tom O'Brien ... Bull - Job Foreman
Daniel J. O'Brien ... Daniel J. O'Brien - Police Chief of San Francisco
Robert Dudley ... Yes Man (uncredited)
Emory Johnson ... Newspaper Employee - Cameo Appearance (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Emory Johnson Productions

Distribution Companies:
Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) (1925) (USA) (theatrical)
Pathé Pictures International (1926) (UK) (theatrical)

Produced by: Emory Johnson
Cinematography by: Gilbert Warrenton
Assistant Directors: Jerry Callahan & Charles Watt
Assistant Camera Operator: Frank Evans

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: Approximately 70 Minutes
Released: November 8, 1926

Filmed on location in San Francisco, California, USA
~Plot Synopsis~
Tom MacDonald, assistant foreman of the San Francisco Chronicle pressroom, is passed over for the
post of foreman in favor of a younger man. He gains satisfaction, though, when his son, Ray, obtains a
good job in the district attorney's office. Reporter Clarence Walker, in love with MacDonald's
daughter, Polly, is sent to obtain evidence against notorious bootlegger Sam Blotz, who is protected
by Assistant District Attorney Gerald Fuller. Blotz and Fuller frame Ray to put Walker off their track.
Although his conscience bothers him, Walker reports the story in time for the last edition.
MacDonald attempts to stop the presses, and when Blotz's henchman, "Red" Moran, blows up the
building, MacDonald is blamed and put in jail with his son. Walker eventually uncovers evidence
exonerating the father and son, MacDonald is made foreman, and a new newspaper plant is built.
Movie Still Code: T.L.E.-X
~T.L.E.-1: Ralph Lewis in THE LAST EDITION~