~The Jazz Age~
Directed by: Lynn Shores

Written by:
Randolph Bartlett ... titles
Paul Gangelin ... writer

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ... Steve Maxwell
Marceline Day ... Sue Randall
Henry B. Walthall ... Mr. Maxwell
Myrtle Stedman ... Mrs. Maxwell
Gertrude Messinger ... Marjorie
Joel McCrea ... Todd Sayles       
William Bechtel ... Mr. Sayles
E.J. Ratcliffe ... Mr. Randall
Ione Holmes ... Ellen McBride
Edgar Dearing ... Motor Cop
Walter Daniels ... Man
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Film Booking Offices of America (FBO)

Music by: Josiah Zuro & Amedeo De Filippi
Cinematography by: Theodore J. Pahle
Film Editing by: Ann McKnight
Costume Design by: Walter Plunkett
Assistant Director: Walter Daniels
Music compiler: silent version: James C. Bradford (uncredited)

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 62 Minutes
NYC Premiere: January 6, 1929
Released: February 10, 1929
~Plot Synopsis~
In this mostly silent drama, an overprotective brother tries to keep his sister from getting further
involved with a group suspicious characters. Meanwhile he falls in love with a jazz-lover whose father
is his father's mortal enemy. At the film's climax, the brother races his car against a trolley car.

Plot Synopsis by Sandra Brennan, AllMovie.com