~The Head of the Family~
Directed by: Joseph Boyle

Written by:
George Randolph Chester - story
Peter Milne - writer
Casey Robinson - titles

William Russell ... The Plumber
Mickey Bennett ... His Assistant
Virginia Lee Corbin ... Alice Sullivan
Richard Walling ... Charley Sullivan
Alma Bennett ... Mabel Manning
William Welsh ... Daniel Sullivan
Aggie Herring ... Maggie Sullivan
Ona Munson (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Gotham Productions
Distribution Company: Lumas Film Corporation (1928) (USA) (theatrical)

Associate Producer: Harold Shumate
Cinematography by: Charles Van Enger
Film Editing by: W. Donn Hayes (as Donn Hayes)
Production Manager: Donn Diggins
Supervisor: Casey Robinson
Presenter: Samuel Sax

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: Approximately 70 Minutes
Released: January 18, 1928
~Plot Synopsis~
Henpecked Daniel Sullivan, a good provider, leaves for a health cure and puts Eddie the plumber in
charge of his nagging wife, Maggie, his flapper daughter, Alice, and his reckless son, Charley. Eddie
soon tames Alice and rescues Charley from the machinations of a vamp. Eddie and Alice fall in love,
and Dan returns from his cure to a respectful, loving family.