~The Grudge~
Directed by: William S. Hart

Written by:
C. Gardner Sullivan (story)

William S. Hart ... Rio Ed
Charles Ray ... Dick Wayne
Margaret Thompson ... Madge Wayne
Kisaburô Kurihara ... Mercidio (as Thomas Kurhara)
Ernest Swallow
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Broncho Film Company

Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography by: Robert Doeran

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: February 24, 1915
~Plot Synopsis~
Though he'd already made his feature-film debut in The Bargain, William S. Hart was contractually
obligated to continue directing and acting in such two-reel westerns as The Grudge. The film wastes
no time getting down to business, with the first action highlight occurring less than 6 minutes into
the picture. A typical Hart tale of revenge and redemption, the film affords two-gun Bill the
opportunity to take on several opponents in a wild barroom-brawl sequence. And of course, there's a
climactic showdown and ride to the rescue. Producer Thomas H. Ince certainly got his money's worth
out of Hart (whose salary was a "princely" $125 per week at the time) with The Grudge.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com