~The Golden Wall~
Directed by: Dell Henderson

Written by:
Clara Beranger (adaptation)

Carlyle Blackwell ... Charles de la Fontaine, Marquis d'Aubeterre
Evelyn Greeley ... Marian Lathrop
Johnny Hines ... Frank Lathropp
Winifred Leighton ... Helen d'aubeterre
Madge Evans ... Madge Lathroop
Jack Drumier ... Mr. Lathrop
Kate Lester ... Countess d'Este
George MacQuarrie ... Rudolph Miller
Attilio Corbell ... Monsieur Fremiere
Florence Coventry ... Mrs. Lathrop
Louise de Rigney ... Mlle. Julie
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Cinematography by: Louis Ostland
Presenter: William A. Brady

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: July 15, 1918
~Plot Synopsis~
In this comedy-drama, Carlyle Blackwell plays the Marquis d'Aubeterre, who finds he is penniless
after his father's death. He travels from France to America in search of work and, using the name
Charles Fontaine, becomes manager to the estate of wealthy Lathrop (Jack Drumier). But Lathrop's
daughter Marian (Evelyn Greeley) hates him because she believes he is after her money. Eventually
Fontaine gains her trust, but he loses it again when a drunken caretaker locks them both in a tower.
She thinks it's a trap, but he vows he would never marry her unless he had more money than she did.
Through superhuman efforts, he manages to escape from the tower and avoid scandal. When
Marian's other suitor is found with the maid, she realizes that d'Aubeterre is true. Luckily, he has just
struck it rich through an investment and his new wealth enables them to be together.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com