~The Golden Cocoon~
Directed by: Millard Webb

Written by: Louis D. Lighton & Hope Loring

Based on the novel by Ruth Cross

Huntley Gordon ... Gregory Cochran
Helene Chadwick ... Molly Shannon
Richard Tucker ... Mr. Renfro
Frank Campeau ... Mr. Bancroft
Margaret Seddon ... Mrs. Shannon
Carrie Clark Ward ... Mrs. Parker
Charles McHugh ... Mr. Shannon
Violet Kane ... Little Girl
Vondell Darr ... Little Girl
Carmencita Johnson ... Baby
Seessel Anne Johnson ... Little girl (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by Warner Bros.

Cinematography by: Byron Haskin
Assistant Director: William C. McGann

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 7 Minutes
Released: December 14, 1925
~Plot Synopsis~
This routine Warner Brothers melodrama was based on the novel by Ruth Cross. Country girl Molly
Shannon (Helene Chadwick) wins a college scholarship which was offered by Judge Gregory Cochran
(Huntley Gordon). While attending the school, she falls in love with one of the professors, Renfro
(Richard Tucker), but on the eve of their wedding, he deserts her. She wanders miserably through the
night until she passes out in front of a notorious road house. Before she is taken in, she is seen by
Bancroft (Frank Campeau), a politician. Molly's ordeal comes back to haunt her much later, after she
and Cochran marry. Bancroft wants to use Molly's presence at the road house to stop Cochran from
running for office. To save her husband, Molly disappears and pretends to have committed suicide.
Just before the election, Renfro shows up and finds Molly. He is shot in a struggle -- but before he
dies, he insists that Molly is completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Cochran's career is saved and he
and Molly are reunited.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com