~The Girls and the Chaperone~
Directed by: Al Christie

Russell Bassett ... Colonel Gray
Donald MacDonald ... Dick Martin (as Donald McDonald)
Eugenie Forde ... Mrs. Martin, Dick's Mother
Lee Moran ... Jack Davis, the Chaperone
William A. Carroll ... Phil, the Colonel's Son
Louise Glaum ... Grace Cameron
Dolly Larkin ... Louise Mantell
Victoria Forde ... Alice Booth
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Nestor Film Company

Distribution Company: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Producer: David Horsley

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: September 6, 1913
~Plot Synopsis~
Dick Martin, foreman of the Circle E ranch, tells Colonel Gray that his mother is coming to visit them
for a short time. The Colonel thinks it's a fine opportunity to invite his three nieces from the city, as
Dick's mother could act as their chaperone. The girls eagerly accept the invitation, and start for the
ranch. In the meantime two letters are delivered at the ranch. One from the girls to their uncle
apprising him of their visit, and the other to Dick from his mother, saying that she was obliged to
postpone her intended trip. Phil, the Colonel's son, together with Jack, a college chum of his, and
Dick are downcast, knowing full well that the Colonel would not permit the girls to come without a
chaperone. Jack comes to the rescue by impersonating Dick's mother. The Colonel is delighted at the
appearance of Jack arrayed as Mrs. Martin, and loses no time in making himself agreeable to "her,"
much to the amusement of the boys. The girls arrive and immediately take a great liking to the
chaperone, which fact is not relished by Dick and Phil. For a while things are lively at the ranch, with
Jack having many narrow escapes of being more than once on the point of being discovered. The girls
in their kimonos insist on taking down Jack's false hair and put it up in curl papers. Jack, of course,
has to use considerable diplomacy. A shaving mug and brush almost gives him away, and the smell of
tobacco also get the girls on the scent. Jack wants to enjoy a game of cards with the boys, and
manages to get into their rooms only to be interrupted by the Colonel. Jack, however, pacifies the
Colonel by saying that "she" is there to lecture the boys, and accordingly takes cards, bottles and
glasses and throws them out of the window. In the midst of the festivities the real Mrs. Martin comes.
Pandemonium breaks loose. Jack in his haste to get away leaves his wig in the Colonel's hands. Later,
when himself again, he is introduced to the ladies, who forgive him. Grace, one of the girls, who has
shown a great liking for the chaperone, learns to love Jack, much to the latter's delight. Dick and Phil
also meet their future partners, and the old Colonel transfers his affections to Mrs. Martin.

—Moving Picture World synopsis