~The Gates of Gladness~
Directed by: Harley Knoles

Written by: Virginia Tyler Hudson

Based on the story by John B. Clymer & Harry O. Hoyt.

Baby Joan ... Roger's little boy
Madge Evans ... Beth Leeds
Rosina Henley ... Mary Leeds
Gerda Holmes ... Mrs. Roger Leeds
George MacQuarrie ... Roger Leeds
Mrs. Stuart Robson ... Norah
Niles Welch ... Myron Leeds
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Cinematography by: René Guissart
Assistant Director: Nelson Minnerly
Presenter: William A. Brady

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: January 28, 1918

Filmed on Location at Lakewood, New Jersey, USA
~Plot Synopsis~
Myron Leeds and his brother Roger are both in love with Mary, but when Myron wins her, his father
disowns him. While Myron struggles as an artist to support his wife and little daughter Beth, Roger
marries and settles into his father's sumptuous estate. Roger's maid Norah, concerned when the
death of his little boy causes him and his wife to shut themselves off from all society, invites Beth to
visit the estate posing as her niece. Beth endears herself to the couple, but Myron, driven to
desperation by his poverty and his wife's ill health, decides to rob the estate. Roger hears that
someone is breaking in, but in attempting to shoot the intruder, he wounds Beth instead. As a result
of this unhappy incident, Roger resolves to share his fortune with his brother, and the family is