~The Darkening Trail~
Directed by: William S. Hart

Written by:
C. Gardner Sullivan (story)

William S. Hart ... Yukon Ed
Enid Markey ... Ruby McGraw
George Fisher ... Jack Sturgess
Nona Thomas ... Ruth Wells
Milton Ross ... John Wells
Louise Glaum ... Fanny
Roy Laidlaw ... Mr. Sturgess, Sr.
Harvey Clark (uncredited)
Aggie Herring (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: New York Motion Picture

Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince

Length: 4 Reels
Runtime: 54 Minutes
Released: May 31, 1915
~Plot Synopsis~
Jack Sturgess' father threatens to disinherit him if he does not marry Ruth Wells, a shop girl whom
he has made pregnant. Jack then leaves the East and settles in Alaska, where he meets and marries
Ruby McGraw. Soon after the wedding, Jack begins to see other women, neglecting his young wife,
and one stormy evening, she finds him drunk by the side of the road. Ruby contracts pneumonia, but
Jack only pretends to go to find the doctor, knowing that he will be a free man if his wife dies. Yukon
Ed, a prospector who is in love with Ruby, discovers that she is near death, but by the time he returns
with the doctor, it is too late. Ed finds Jack and sends him to join Ruby on her journey down "the
darkening trail."