~The Dancer of Paris~
Directed by: Alfred Santell

Based on a story by Michael Arlen.

Conway Tearle ... Noel Anson
Dorothy Mackaill ... Consuelo Cox
Robert Cain ... Sir Roy Martel
Henry Vibart ... Doctor Frank
Paul Ellis ... Cortez
Frances Miller ... Mammy
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Ernest Haller
Art Direction by: Robert M. Haas
Production Manager: Joseph Boyle
Presenter: Robert Kane

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: February 28, 1926

Filmed at:
Cosmopolitan-International Studios - 127th Street, East Harlem, Manhattan, New York
City, New York, USA
~Plot Synopsis~
The fetchingly underdressed Dorothy Mackaill plays the title role in The Dancer of Paris. Betrayed
early on by the degenerate Sir Roy Martel (Robert Cain), American heroine Consuelo (Mackaill) vows
to track her betrayer down to the ends of the earth. Arriving in Paris, she makes the acquaintance of
virtuous Noel Anson (Conway Tearle) -- who happens to be Sir Roy's best friend. Imagining that
Consuelo is as pure as the driven snow, Noel falls madly in love with her. Hoping to disillusion his
friend, Sir Roy arranges for Noel to attend one of Consuelo's nude dance performances. Instead, the
undaunted Noel rescues the girl from her sordid surroundings and takes her back to the good ol'
USA, where we are assured that she will start life fresh and anew. Originally, Dorothy Mackaill was to
have actually been seen in the altogether (albeit filmed from a discreet distance), but the censors
prevailed; in the finished film, she is wearing a two-piece outfit that would hardly raise an eyebrow on
a modern beach.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Dorothy Mackaill in THE DANCER OF
PARIS 1926~
~238-115: Scene from the DANCER FROM PARIS 1926~
~238-133: scene from THE DANCER OF PARIS 1926~