~The Cup of Life~
Directed by:
Thomas H. Ince, or
Raymond B. West

Written by:
William H. Clifford
Thomas H. Ince
C. Gardner Sullivan

Bessie Barriscale ... Helen Fiske
Enid Markey ... Ruth Fiske
Charles Ray ... John Ward
Frank Borzage ... Dick Ralston
Arthur Maude ... Jack Jordon
J. Barney Sherry ... James Kellerman
Louise Glaum ... Irene Bullard
Harry Keenan ... John Standing
Howard C. Hickman ... Higsby
Jerome Storm ... Sam Dugan
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: New York Motion Picture

Distribution Company: Mutual Films

Produced & Supervised by: Thomas H. Ince

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: April 26, 1915
~Plot Synopsis~
Sisters Helen and Ruth Fiske work in a department store and live in an East Side tenement. While
Ruth is satisfied with her "regular fellow," a mechanic, Helen yearns for fine clothes, wealth, and
attention. Ruth marries the mechanic and they struggle for a modest existence. Helen leaves her
squalor to be the mistress of wealthy John Ward, despite Ruth's pleas. As the years pass, Helen goes
from one man to the next, looking for more luxuries. When James Kellerman, who really loves her,
proposes, she laughs at him. Finally, Helen returns from Europe embittered that she no longer
commands the attention of men. She tries to win Kellerman back, but her phony coyness contrasts
with the natural innocence of the woman he is about to marry. When Helen sees Ruth in her pretty
cottage, with two children and still in love, she despairs for her own future. Her subsequent suffering
is eased only by alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, which hasten her death.