~The Corner Grocer~
Directed by: George Cowl

Written by:
Lawrence McCloskey (scenario)

Based on the play by Adolf Philipp.

Lew Fields ... Charles Wendel
Madge Evans ... Mary Brian, age 8
Lillian Cook ... Mary Brian, age 18
Nick Long Jr. ... Ralph Wendel, age 10
William Sherwood ... Ralph Wendel, age 20
Justine Cutting ... Lena Wendel
George Cowl ... Oscar Leaming
Pinna Nesbit ... Stella
Vivia Ogden ... Old Maid
Stanhope Wheatcroft ... William
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Peerless Productions
World Film

Distribution Company:
World Film

Cinematography by:
Alex Nilson
Lucien Tainguy

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: October 1, 1917
~Plot Synopsis~
Kindhearted Charles Wendel, who has built his pushcart grocery business into a prosperous
enterprise, adopts little eight-year-old Mary Brian after her mother dies in poverty. The little girl
becomes the angel of the house, beloved by all. Wendel's dream is that his son Ralph will carry on the
business, but when Ralph graduates from college, he decides that he is too good for the grocery
business. Instead, he goes to work in a bank where he falls prey to swindlers who convince him to
forge his father's name on a $100,000 check. When the forgery is discovered, the old man covers the
check at the cost of his own financial ruin. Ralph, chagrinned, leaves home to make good and soon
after returns, prosperous, to wed Mary and restore the fortune and happiness of the Wendel family.