~The Convict's Story~

Carlyle Blackwell ... Lawrence - a Victim of Circumstance
Louise Glaum ... Elizabeth - Lawrence's Sweetheart
Chance Ward ... Craig - Elizabeth's Father (as Chance E. Ward)
Raymond Hadley ... Jarly - a Crook (as R.C. Hadley)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Kalem Company

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: February 2, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
In leaving his boarding house to attend a New Year's celebration given by Elizabeth, his sweetheart.
Lawrence loses his invitation to the affair. Elizabeth receives a valuable necklace from her father.
That night, the girl promised to marry Lawrence. As Lawrence takes Elizabeth in his arms, her
necklace becomes entangled in his cuff link. The boy disengages the jewel and places it on the table.
Shortly afterward, both leave the room. Elizabeth misses her necklace after Lawrence has gone home.
Her father suspects Lawrence of having stolen it. Accompanied by a policeman, the man hastens to
the boy's house. Lawrence declares his innocence, but the missing jewel is found in his dresser. The
boy is arrested and sentenced to prison. Elizabeth is heartbroken. Six months later, Jarly, a crook,
tells a group of convicts seated in the prison yard of one of his adventures. According to the crook,
about six months previous he found an invitation to a New Year's party. On the impulse of the
moment, said Jarly, he attended the affair. Later, the crook continues, he saw a diamond necklace
lying on the table in one of the rooms. Entering by way of the veranda, he stole it. The crook declares
that he then hastened back to the fashionable boarding house where he was stopping. Fearing that he
had been followed, Jarly states that he entered the room of his next-door neighbor and placed the
necklace in his dresser. Later, laughs the crook, the neighbor was accused of having stolen the jewel
and arrested. Lawrence listens to this tale in amazement. Springing upon Jarly he bears him to the
ground. Guards intervene. The strange story reaches the ears of the authorities and Lawrence is
freed. Remorse-stricken because of the disgrace he had heaped upon the boy. Elizabeth's father
consents to Lawrence's marriage to his daughter.

—Moving Picture World synopsis