~The Case of Becky~
Directed by: Chester M. Franklin        

Written by: J. Clarkson Miller

Based on the play by David Belasco & Edward Locke

Constance Binney ... Dorothy Stone
Glenn Hunter ... John Arnold
Frank McCormack ... Dr. Emerson
Montagu Love ... Prof. Balzamo
Margaret Seddon ... Mrs. Emerson
Jane Jennings ... Mrs. Arnold
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Realart Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures (1921) (USA) (theatrical)

Cinematography by: George J. Folsey

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: October 9, 1921
~Plot Synopsis~
Uriah Stone (Montagu Love) is a hypnotist who runs a sideshow. His assistant, Dorothy (Constance
Binney), is under his spell -- when he gives her a hypnotic stare and waves a diamond ring in front of
her, she becomes Becky, her evil alter ego. One of Stone's subjects advises Dorothy to run away. She
escapes to a small town where she stays with Mrs. Arnold (Jane Jennings) and her son, John (Glenn
Hunter). Dorothy falls in love with John, but when he proposes to her and flashes a diamond ring at
her, she suddenly becomes Becky. Dr. Emerson, a nerve specialist (Frank McCormack), is called in to
treat Dorothy, and he takes her to his sanitarium. Stone traces Dorothy there and tries to get her
back by revealing papers claiming her as his daughter. Dr. Emerson suspects that Stone is really
Professor Balzamo, who ran off with his wife and little girl many years before. Through his own
mental powers, Dr. Emerson breaks Stone/Balzamo and restores Dorothy to her normal, sweet self.
Dorothy, it turns out, is Dr. Emerson's daughter. Once again, John brings out the engagement ring,
which this time only inspires a loving reaction from Dorothy. Edward Locke's play (which was staged
by David Belasco) was brought to the screen once before, in 1915, and starred Blanche Sweet.

Plot Synopsis from Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
~Glenn Hunter & Constance Binney in THE CASE OF BECKY~
~Glenn Hunter, Jane Jennings & Constance Binney in THE CASE OF BECKY~