~The Bush Leaguer~
Directed by: Howard Bretherton

Written by: Harvey Gates

Based on a story by Charlie Saxton

Monte Blue ... Buchanan 'Specs' White
Clyde Cook ... Skeeter McKinnon
Leila Hyams ... Alice Hobbs
William Demarest ... John Gilroy
Richard Tucker ... Wallace Ramsey
Bud Marshall ... Stetson
Tom Dempsey ... The 'Parson'
Wilfrid North ... Stokes (as Wilfred North)
William Wilson ... William Murphy
Violet Palmer ... Marie
Rodney Hildebrand ... Detective
George Dunning ... Score boy
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by Warner Bros.

Cinematography by: Norbert Brodine
Assistant Director: Edward Sowders

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: August 20, 1927

A Vitaphone musical score and sound effects were added to this otherwise silent
~Plot Synopsis~
The popularity of MGM's Slide, Kelly, Slide led to a brief cycle of baseball pictures in 1927. Warner
Bros.' contribution was The Bush Leaguer, starring Monte Blue as small-town garage owner and
would-be inventor Specs White. Though he's the local ball team's star pitcher, Specs is more
interested in puttering on his latest invention, a high-tech gas pump. When Lefty Murphy (William
Wilson), a scout for the Los Angeles Angels, offers Specs a contract, our hero accepts, hoping to use
his salary to finance his invention. Terrified of large crowds, Specs overcomes his phobia with the
help of the Angels' pretty owner Alice Hobbs (Leila Hyams). Alice nearly drops Specs like a bad habit
when she is led to believe that he's accepted a bribe to throw the Big Game, but Specs comes through
with a winning homer in the last reel. The Bush Leaguer was unofficially remade in 1932 as the Joe E.
Brown starrer Fireman Save My Child.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com