~The Burglar~
Directed by: Harley Knoles

Written by:
Virginia Tyler Hudson (scenario)

Based on a play by Augustus E. Thomas.

Carlyle Blackwell ... WilliamLewis
Harry Lamont ... Sid Burns
Richard Clarke ... William's Father
Justine Cutting ... William's stepmother
Evelyn Greeley ... Alice Hamilton
Rosina Henley ... Fanny Hamilton
Frank Mayo  ... Paul Benton
Madge Evans ... Editha
Victor Kennard ... Ned Hamilton
Jack Drumier ... John Hamilton
Henry Drehle ... Rural Policeman
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Cinematography by: André Barlatier
Presenter: William A. Brady

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: October 29, 1917
~Plot Synopsis~
While breaking into a house as a prank, William Lewis and some of his college friends are interrupted
by a policeman, whom they accidentally shoot. Will's companion Sid Burns accuses him of the crime,
but Will escapes to a distant city where he meets and marries Alice Hamilton. After a year of
happiness which sees the birth of his daughter Editha, Will is working as a bank teller when Burns
finds him and threatens exposure unless Will agrees to help him rob the bank. During the robbery,
Burns is caught and reveals Will's past. Will is arrested and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment,
but escapes. After his death is reported, Alice, believing that she is a widow, marries Paul Benton, her
former suitor, and several years later, Will arrives in the same city in which Alice is living. He enters
her home for the purpose of robbery, but is deterred by the appearance of his little daughter. Paul
and Alice, awakened by the noise, come downstairs and find Editha in her father's arms.
Brokenhearted, Will runs from the house and is shot by a policeman. Before he dies, Will learns that
Burns has confessed to the crime that had destroyed his life.