~The Award of Justice~

Carlyle Blackwell ... Horace Clark - a Young Evangelist
Louise Glaum ... Hester Hale - the Mountaineer's Daughter
Raymond Hadley ... Tim Downs - a Gangster
Adelaide Wise ... Mary Downs - Tim's Wife
Howard Gaye ... Arthur Clark - Horace's Bother
Charles Wallace ... The Rat - a Gangster
Chance Ward ... Hale - a Mountaineer
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Kalem Company

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: March 18, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
Horace Clark, a young evangelist, first thrashes and then reforms Tim Downs, a drunkard and a
gangster. Horace wins the gratitude of Tim and his wife, when he saves their children from death.
The gang, angry at having lost its leader, plans to waylay the evangelist. Horace is too much for the
holdup men, however. In the battle, one of their number is slain with his own knife. Horace is
arrested and tried for murder. Owing to the perjured testimony of "The Rat," one of the band, the
evangelist is sentenced to prison for life, despite the efforts of his brother, Arthur, a lawyer, in his
behalf. Later, Horace, aided by Tim and his wife, escapes from jail and strikes for the mountains.
Horace is rescued from starvation by Hester and her father, Hale, a mountaineer. The evangelist
makes his home with them. He learns that the mountaineer is a moonshiner and gradually gets him
to give up his illicit business. Hale, in destroying his still, accidentally starts a fire and is burned to
death. Years pass. Horace has married Hester and is happy and content as a farmer. "The Rat," now a
prominent politician, comes upon Horace while hunting in the mountains. He recognizes the
evangelist, and determines to send him back to prison. It happens that Arthur is now the local
Justice of the Peace. He listens to "The Rat's" story. Declaring that he knew Horace, Arthur, without
revealing the fact that the man is his brother, informs "The Rat" that he will accompany him to the
mountains for the purpose of identifying the man. The following day the brothers face each other.
Arthur, gazing steadily upon Horace, tells "The Rat" that the mountaineer is not the escaped
prisoner. Baffled, "The Rat" apologizes and withdraws. Clasping Horace by the hand, Arthur turns
and hastens from the house.

—Moving Picture World synopsis