Directed by: Tom Terriss

Adaptation by: Tom Terriss
Screenplay & Titles by: Pauline Forney

Based on a story by Norman Kellogg

Carmel Myers ... Lola
Walter Pidgeon ... Paul Sinclair
Richard Tucker ... Antonio Santos
Henry Hebert ... Farael Fuentes
Mildred Harris ... Helen Graham
Edward Raquello ... Raoul the dancer (as Edouard Raquello)
Charles Wellesley
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Gotham Productions

Distribution Company: Lumas Film Corporation

Produced by: Samuel Bischoff
Cinematography by: Ray June
Presenter: Samuel Sax

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: September 1, 1927

A print of this film survives in the Library of Congress.

A 2-strip Technicolor sequence, about 125 feet in length, depicting the carnival in Rio,
follows the opening credits.
~Plot Synopsis~
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