~Sudden Riches~
Directed by: Emile Chautard

Written by:
Richard Schayer (scenario)

Robert Warwick ... Robert Crewe
Gerda Holmes ... Marion Crewe
Clara Whipple ... Suzanne
Madge Evans ... Little Emily
Emil De Varney ... Undetermined Role
Lillian Cook ... Undetermined Role
Horace Davies ...Undetermined Role
Jeanette Horton ... Undetermined Role
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Peerless Productions

Distribution Company: World Film

Assistant Director: George Archainbaud

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: May 15, 1916
~Plot Synopsis~
Although he is a successful architect, devoted family man Robert Crewe does not earn enough to
cover the expenses of his wife Marion and daughter Emily. Unknown to him, his Uncle Abner wants
to ruin him because Robert's father stole Abner's fiancée, who died in childbirth after their marriage.
Abner hires a beautiful seductress to break up Robert's happy home, but she is unsuccessful. Abner,
who dies prematurely, leaves Robert his fortune, hoping that it finally will lead to Robert's downfall.
As Robert and Marion drift apart, Emily is left in the hands of an uncaring nurse and cries herself to
sleep each night. Robert has an affair with a Broadway actress and Marion becomes romantically
involved with a prominent sculptor. Robert squanders his inheritance and involves himself in highly
speculative business investments until, threatened with Emily's death, he and Marion finally decide
to change their lives and bring the family back together once again.