~Stolen Orders~
Directed by:
George Kelson
Harley Knoles

Written by:
William A. Brady (play)

     Montagu Love ... John Le Page
Kitty Gordon ... Felicia Gaveston
June Elvidge ... Ruth Le Page - as a woman
Carlyle Blackwell ... Lt. Dennis Gaveston
Madge Evans ... Ruth Le Page - as a child
George MacQuarrie ... Adm. Gaveston
Frank Leigh ... Baron Kurdman
Edward Elkas ... Maurice Levonshon
Robert Barring ... Caversham
Dore Davidson ... Mendel Hart
Philip W. Masi ... Bertie Hart
Walter Greene ... Joe Allen
Marie Pagano ... Mame
J. Gunnis Davis ... Bill Cory
Jack Newton ... Baron Charlier
Alex Shannon
Herbert Barrington
Edna Whistler
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies
World Film

Distribution Company:
World Film

Produced by: William A. Brady
Cinematography by:
René Guissart
Jacques Montéran

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: June 2, 1918
~Plot Synopsis~
Stolen Orders was based on Sealed Orders, a London stage success of the early 1900s. The orders in
question are delivered to an American admiral but are intercepted by the admiral's pacifistic wife. By
keeping the documents to herself, the woman is convinced that she is aiding the anti-war movement.
Instead, the papers inadvertently fall into the Wrong Hands, said hands belonging to a sinister
German spy. The film was capped by a pulse-pounding battle in the clouds between a British
aeroplane and a German zeppelin. Virtually every important "name" in the World Films stable was
pressed into service for Stolen Orders, including Montague Love, Carlyle Blackwell, Kitty Gordon and
little Madge Evans.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com