~Shore Acres~
Directed by: Jack Pratt

Written by:
Louis Reeves Harrison (scenario)
Augustus E. Thomas (scenario)

Based on the play by James A. Herne.

Charles A. Stevenson ... Nathaniel Berry
Riley Hatch ... Martin Berry
Conway Tearle ... Sam Warner
Edward Connelly ... Josiah Blake
Violet Horner ... Helen Berry
Gladys Fairbanks ... Ann
Harry Knowles ... Captain Ben
Philip Traub ... Bob
Madge Evans ... Mildred
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: All Star Feature Film Corp.

Distribution Company: Alco Film Corporation

Cinematography by: William C. Thompson
Props: George Kleine

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: October 26, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
Nathaniel and Martin Berry grew up on Shore Acres, a farm left to them by their mother. They both
fell in love with Ann, but Nathan joined the army to allow Martin to marry her. Now Ann and Martin
have a grown daughter named Helen who is in love with Dr. Sam Warren. Josiah Blake, a
disreputable real estate man convinces Martin to mortgage the farm and invest in a sub-division
scheme, even though both Ann and Nathan are against it. Blake also wants to marry Helen so he
poisons Martin's mind against Sam, leading to Martin's unsuccessful attempt to shoot the doctor.
Helen and Sam then elope and leave Shore Acres for eighteen months. When they return with their
baby, Martin is despondent because the investment company has gone bankrupt. All ends well when
Nathan saves the property for the family by using his pension money to buy back the mortgage.