~Sally Long~

Born: December 5, 1901 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Died: August 12, 1987 (age 85) in Newport Beach, California, USA
Traffic Tangle (Short) (1930)
Cock o' the Walk (1930) ... Paulina Castra

The Thrill Seekers (1927) ... Marie St. Claire
When Danger Calls (1927) ... Eva Gwyn
The King of the Jungle (1927)
The Kid Sister (1927) ... Ann Howe
The Border Whirlwind (1926) ... Isabella Cordova
Going the Limit (1926) ... Estelle Summers
The Man in the Saddle (1926) ... Laura Mayhew
The Fighting Buckaroo (1926) ... Betty Gregory
Fifth Avenue (1926) ... Greenwich Village Girl
Flaming Flappers (Short) (1925)
The Dressmaker from Paris (1925) ... Mannequin (uncredited)
The Hooded Falcon (1924)
His Darker Self (1924) ... Claude's Sweetheart

Perfectly Fiendish Flanagan; or, The Hart of the Dreadful West (Short) (1918)
Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld was rumored to have insured Sally Long for 100,000 dollars
against her falling in love and leaving his Follies. A publicity stunt no doubt, but she certainly was
beautiful, in a dark, exotic way, and said to have been the inspiration for the song "I Wonder What's
Become of Sally." Well, wonder no more. In the end, Sally Long did leave the Follies, first for Eddie
Cantor's Kid Boots, then, inevitably, Hollywood, where she made her screen debut opposite veteran
comic Lloyd Hamilton. After decorating a series of potboilers, Long was voted a 1926 WAMPAS Baby
Star. Unfortunately, that year's selection was a veritable harvest of rising talent and Long seemed rather
lost in such heady company as Joan Crawford, Janet Gaynor, Dolores Del Rio, Fay Wray, and Mary Astor,
and most of her screen assignments remained low-grade comedies and Westerns. There was an
especially atrocious serial along the way, King of the Jungle (1927), and she was an heiress involved with
a lumberjack in The Thrill Seekers (1927). Variety dismissed the latter as a "quagmire of palpable
dramatic impossibilities" and she wisely retired to marry composer Jean Schwartz.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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