~Remodeling Her Husband~
Directed by:
Lillian Gish
D.W. Griffith

Written by:
Harry Carr
Lillian Gish - scenario & story
Dorothy Parker - titles

Dorothy Gish ... Janie Wakefield
James Rennie ... Jack Valentine
Marie Burke ... Mrs. Wakefield
Downing Clarke ... Mr. Wakefield
Frank Kingdon ... Mr. Valentine
Leslie Marsh ... Littlest Girl in Wedding Scene
Mildred Marsh ... One of the Bridemaids
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: New Art Film Company

Distribution Company: Artcraft Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: George W. Hill
Production Design by: Frank Wortman

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 6, 1920
~Plot Synopsis~
Lillian Gish tried her hand at film-directing in this gentle comedy of marital infidelity. Dorothy Gish is
Janie, the young and perky bride of Jack (James Rennie). Jack loves Janie, but he can't keep his eye
from straying. Janie tries to curtail Jack's flirtatiousness, but Jack wants to have one last fling before
he settles down to marital bliss. Finally, when he gives himself up to the ministrations of a flapper,
Janie leaves him. Janie discovers that she doesn't need her husband at all and sets herself up in
business. When Jack sees that Janie is no longer devoted or dependent on him, Jack has second
thoughts and realizes what a wonderful girl Janie is. With hat in hand, Jack comes to see Janie,
hoping that she will take him back.

Plot Synopsis by Paul Brenner, AllMovie.com