~Rags to Riches~
Directed by: Wallace Worsley    

Written by: Walter DeLeon & William Nigh

Based on a story by Grace Miller White

Wesley Barry ... Marmaduke Clarke
Niles Welch ... Dumbbell - aka Ralph Connor
Ruth Renick ... Mary Warde - an orphan
Russell Simpson ... The Sheriff
Minna Redman ... Sheriff's wife
Richard Tucker ... Blackwell Clarke
Eulalie Jensen ... Mrs. Blackwell Clarke
Jane Keckley ... Marmaduke's Governess
Sam Kaufman ... Tony
Dick Sutherland ... Bull
James Quinn ... Louis - the Dope (as Jimmy Quinn)
Snitz Edwards ... Purist League member
Aileen Manning ... Purist League member
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Warner Bros.

Produced by: Harry Rapf
Film Editing by: Clarence Kolster

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: September 24, 1922
~Plot Synopsis~
In this comedy adventure, Marmaduke Clarke (Wesley Barry) is the spoiled son of a millionaire who
is bored at home. When the house is robbed by crooks, Marmaduke helps their cause by assisting
them. The boy runs off to be with gang-member Dumbbell (Niles Welch), a man he befriended during
the burglary, but the crooks have other ideas, and they hold the boy for ransom and plan to kill him if
the family does not come up with the money. Dumbbell helps Marmaduke escape when he learns the
boy may be marked for death. The two find work on a farm where Dumbbell falls for Mary (Ruth
Renick), the orphan girl taken in by the owners. The man is accused of kidnapping until he reveals he
is really a secret service agent. The wayward son is soon reunited with his parents.

Plot Synopsis by: Dan Pavlides, AllMovie.com