~Painted Faces~
Directed by: Albert S. Rogell

Written by:
Fanny Hatton - dialogue
Frederic Hatton - dialogue

Based on the story by Frances Hyland.

Joe E. Brown ... Hermann / Beppo
Helen Foster ... Nancy
Barton Hepburn ... Buddy Barton
Dorothy Gulliver ... Babe Barnes
Lester Cole ... Roderick
Richard Tucker ... District Attorney
Purnell Pratt ... Foreman of Jury
Mabel Julienne Scott ... Mrs. Warren - Nervous Woman Jury Member
Seymour Kupper
Tommy Nicoll
Billy Wise
Clem Beauchamp ... Jury Member (uncredited)
Joseph Belmont ... Jury Member (uncredited)
Alma Bennett ... Jury Member (uncredited)
Allan Cavan ... Defense Attorney (uncredited)
William B. Davidson ... Ringmaster (uncredited)
Russ Dudley ...  Jury Member (uncredited)
Dannie Mac Grant ... Circus Spectator (uncredited)
Walter Jerry ... Jury Member (uncredited)
Sôjin Kamiyama ... Cafe Owner (uncredited)
Gertrude Kerkis ... Little Girl (uncredited)
Clinton Lyle  ... Jury Member (uncredited)
Florence Midgley ... Jury Member (uncredited)
Jack Richardson ... Stage Manager (uncredited)
Howard Truesdale ... Jury Member (uncredited)
May Wallace ... Jury Member (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Tiffany-Stahl Productions
Distribution Company: Tiffany Productions (1929) (USA) (theatrical)

Produced by: John M. Stahl (uncredited)
Music by: Abe Meyer
Cinematography by: Jackson Rose & Benjamin H. Kline (uncredited)
Film Editing by: Richard Cahoon
Art Direction by: Hervey Libbert        

Runtime: 74 Minutes
Released: November 20, 1929
~Plot Synopsis~
On a vaudeville backstage, between acts, a man is murdered; all evidence points to the guilt of Buddy,
a young performer, and he is brought to trial for murder. When the jury ballot is counted, 11 are for
conviction, but one juryman, Beppo (or Hermann), a clown, is in opposition and keeps the jury
"hung" for 5 days; at length, the clown reveals that the murdered man (Roderick) had betrayed his
adopted daughter, Nancy, and as a result he had taken revenge. The clown is about to confess, when
the jurors agree to a verdict of "not guilty," and all ends happily.