~Out in the Rain~
Directed by: Carlyle Blackwell

Carlyle Blackwell ... Henry
Louise Glaum ... Henry's Wife
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Kalem Company

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: February 13, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
Henry goes to the club after promising his wife to be home early. Falling in with a congenial crowd, he
drinks not too wisely, but too well. Overflowing with good spirits, Henry leaves for home. Realizing he
must square himself with his wife, the man buys a bunch of violets for her. Henry enters the house of
his next-door neighbor by mistake. The lady of the house phones to Mrs. Henry. When the man tries
to enter his own home, he finds himself locked out, despite his tearful pleas. Making himself
comfortable in a veranda chair, Henry falls asleep. A heavy rainstorm comes up. The man buys out a
newsboy's entire stock and tries to protect himself against the wet. When morning dawns, Mrs.
Henry finds her husband seated in the chair, fast asleep, drenched to the skin, but with the bunch of
violets still tightly clutched in one hand.

—Moving Picture World synopsis