~Natalie Joyce~

Born: November 6, 1902 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Died: November 9, 1992 (age 90) in San Diego, California, USA
Voted a 1925 WAMPAS Baby Star along with her cousin Olive Borden, exotic-looking American silent
screen actress Natalie Joyce began her career in two-reel comedies but quickly graduated to more
substantial work opposite the era's top Western star Tom Mix in both The Circus Ace (1927) and
Daredevil's Reward (1927). But despite accolades from reviewers, Joyce publicly doubted that she would
ever reach major stardom because, as she stated at the time, "I won't put out." Mainly cast as a vamp,
Joyce did not make the transition to sound and retired from the screen in 1930.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein. AllMovie.com
Police Court (1932) ... Actress
Midnight Daddies (1930) ... Model (uncredited)
Cock o' the Walk (1930) ... Maria
The Bearded Lady (Short) (1930) ... Daisy, First Siamese Twin
Camera Shy (Short) (1930) ... Mamie, the Movie Vamp

Dance Hall (1929) ... Dancer - Gracie's Best Friend (uncredited)
Weak But Willing (Short) (1929) ... Mrs. Edward Langtry
The Fatal Forceps (Short) (1929) ... The Nurse
Times Square (1929) ... Lida
Sailor's Holiday (1929) ... The Fast Worker
The Man from Nevada (1929) ... Virginia Watkins
The Law of the Plains (1929)
Pals of the Prairie (1929) ... Dolores
Motoring Mamas (Short) (1929) ... Mrs. Vance
Laughing at Death (1929) ... Sonia Petrovich
Pink Pajamas (Short) (1929) ... Mrs. Vernon Vance
Ladies Must Eat (Short) (1929) ... Vera Gay
His New Stenographer (Short) (1928) ... Mrs. Vance
Naughty Baby (1928) ... Goldie Torres
Hubby's Latest Alibi (Short) (1928) ... The Police Chief's Wife
Hubby's Weekend Trip (Short) (1928) ... Minor Role (uncredited)
Through the Breakers (1928) ... Taya
Caught in the Kitchen (Short) (1928) ... Mrs. Vance
Skating Home (Short) (1928)
A Girl in Every Port (1928) ... Girl #3 in Panama City
Daredevil's Reward (1928) ... Ena Powell
The Circus Ace (1927) ... Millie Jane
A Spanish Omelet (Short) (1927)
Whispering Sage (1927) ... Mercedes
Break Away (Short) (1927) ... Natalie
Have Courage (Short) (1926)
A Briny Boob (Short) (1926) ... The Maid
Wife Shy (Short) (1926) ... Bill's Wife
The Daffy Dill (Short) (1926) ... Vamp
Fresh Faces (Short) (1926)
A Goofy Gob (Short) (1925) ... The Captain's Daughter
Call a Cop (Short) (as Natalie Johnson)(1925)
Easy Pickin's (Short) (as Natalie Johnson)(1924)
Why Hurry? (Short) (as Natalie Johnson)(1924)
Savage Love (Short) (as Natalie Johnson)(1924)
Tootsie Wootsie (Short) (1924)
Dandy Lions (Short) (1924)
Fool Proof (Short) (1923)
Roll Along (Short) (1923) ... Mandy
Take Your Choice (Short) (as Natalie Johnson)(1923)
Be Yourself (Short) (as Natalie Johnson)(1923)
Mile-a-Minute Mary (Short) (1922) ... 1st Girl (as Natalie Johnson)
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