~My Lady's Past~
Directed by: Albert Ray

Written by:
Fanny Hatton - dialogue & titles
Frederic Hatton - dialogue & titles
Frances Hyland  -continuity & story

Belle Bennett ... Mamie Reynolds
Joe E. Brown ... Sam Young
Alma Bennett ... Typist
Russell Simpson ... John Parker
Joan Standing ... Maid
Billie Bennett ... Gossip
Raymond Keane
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Tiffany-Stahl Productions
Distribution Company: Tiffany Productions (USA) (theatrical)

Produced by: John M. Stahl
Music by: Hugo Riesenfeld
Cinematography by: Harry Jackson
Film Editing by: George M. Merrick

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: Approximately 90 Minutes
Released: April 1, 1929
~Plot Synopsis~
Sam Young, who has ambitions as a novelist, has been engaged to Mamie Reynolds for 10 years; after
finally getting a work accepted, he falls for the blandishments of the girl who types his manuscript.
Mamie gives a dinner party to celebrate Sam's success and to announce their marriage, but he fails to
appear and she is disgraced by the local gossip. She is about to leave town when a young man,
disappointed in love, shoots himself on her doorstep, and it is thought he has had a secret affair with
Mamie; as a result, Mamie becomes a notorious character and Sam begins to feel himself the injured
party in their romance. An elderly banker courting Mamie is challenged by Sam, but Sam receives a
sound licking and is arrested for hurling rocks through Mamie's windows. Released from jail, Sam
learns of Mamie's impending wedding and, after renewing his suit, rescues her from the wedding
guests and the bridegroom.