~Madeline Hurlock~

Born: December 12, 1897 in Federalsburg, Maryland, USA
Died: April 4, 1989 (age 91) in New York City, New York, USA
Love at First Flight (Short) (1928) ... Nita Nutti
The Beach Club (Short)(1928) ... Mrs. Kronk
The Best of Friends (1927)
Love in a Police Station (Short) (1927) ... Mazie Marlboro
The Bull Fighter (Short) (1927) ... Madeline
For Sale, a Bungalow (Short) (1927) ... Madeline
The College Kiddo (Short) (1927) ... Vivien Burton - the College Vamp
Cured in the Excitement (Short) (1927) ... Mrs. Strong
Catalina, Here I Come (Short) (1927) ... Wanda - the Waitress
A Small Town Princess (Short) (1927) ... Mary Brown
Duck Soup (Short) (1927) ... Lady Tarbotham
The Jolly Jilter (Short) (1927) ... Myrtle Murdock
Peaches and Plumbers (Short) (1927) ... Vera Van Dorn
Flirty Four-Flushers (Short) (1926) ... Aggie Horton / Muriel Marlboro
A Harem Knight (Short) (1926) ... Princess Manda
Masked Mamas (Short) (1926) ... The Vamp in the Cafe
A Prodigal Bridegroom (Short) (1926) ... Gertie Gray
Don Juan's 3 Nights (1926) ... Louise Villate
When a Man's a Prince (Short) (1926) ... Madeline - Lady-in-Waiting
A Sea Dog's Tale (Short) (1926) ... Princess Vanilla
Ice Cold Cocos (Short) (1926) ... Mlle. Snowflake
Circus Today (Short) (1926) ... Madame Stella
Trimmed in Gold (Short) (1926) ... Nina Hart
Whispering Whiskers (Short) (1926) ... Madame Murino - Clairvoyant
From Rags to Britches (Short) (1925) ... Adeline McClusky Benedict
Over Thereabouts (Short) (1925) ... Gloria Mooney
Butter Fingers (Short) (1925) ... Daisy Bender
Sneezing Beezers (Short) (1925) ... Princess Victoria
The Lion's Whiskers (Short) (1925) ... Victoria Brunswick
The Marriage Circus (Short) (1925) ... Madeline McClusky - Rodney's Fiancée
Giddap! (Short) (1925) ... Madeline Hurlock
The Raspberry Romance (Short) (1925) ... Mrs. Mallet
Water Wagons (Short) (1925) ... Dolly Barr
Bull and Sand (Short) (1924) ... Crown Princess Adelina McCluskeo
The Cannon Ball Express (Short) (1924) ... Adeline McClusky - Stock's Assistant
The Hansom Cabman (Short) (1924) ... The Vamp
Wandering Waistlines (Short) (1924) ... Mrs. Bacardi
The Luck o' the Foolish (Short) (1924) ... Adeline McClusky - the Flirt
Three Foolish Weeks (Short) (1924) ... Queen of Anchovia
The First 100 Years (Short) (1924) ... His Second Cook
His New Mamma (Short) (1924) ... The Farmer Boy's New Mamma
The Cat's Meow (Short) (1924) ... The Butler's Wife
The Hollywood Kid (Short) (1924) ... Madeline Hurlock
Scarem Much (Short) (1924) ... Violet Ray
Smile Please (Short) (1924) ... A Lonely Wife
The Half-Back of Notre Dame (Short) (1924) ... Alma Matter
One Spooky Night (Short) (1924) ... The City Vamp
Inbad the Sailor (Short) (1923) ... Adeline McClusky
The Dare-Devil (Short) (1923) ... The Leading Lady
Asleep at the Switch (Short) (1923) ... The Saleslady
Pitfalls of a Big City (Short) (1923) ... The Vamp
Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening? (Short) (1923) ... Adeline - the Vamp
Dark and willowy American silent-screen actress Madeline Hurlock played something as rare as comedy
vamps. She had been a dancer in New York prior to entering films (sponsored, it was said, by Gloria
Swanson). Having signed with Paramount, Hurlock was getting nowhere fast when spotted by Mack
Sennett, who lured her away with promises of a starring career. "The greatest stars in the business have
come from comedy," Hurlock defended her decision, probably thinking of Swanson who, despite
vociferous denials, had been a Sennett Bathing Beauty. Like Swanson before her, Hurlock frolicked on the
beach in Santa Monica with cross-eyed Ben Turpin (whom Sennett always considered a scream), and
starred opposite walrus-mustachioed Billy Bevan in what proved her best comedy, A Sea Dog's Tale
(1926). In this outright satire, she played Vanilla of Salami, a proud princess of that faraway kingdom best
known as a "link of the Sausage Islands." Such punning aside, Sennett was being passed by upstart Hal
Roach and, tellingly, Hurlock's most revived film, Duck Soup (1926), was indeed made by Roach.
Rediscovered as late as 1974, Duck Soup proved a not-too-memorable farce about a couple of hoboes
trying to convince prospective buyers Hurlock and Robert Kortman that they own the abandoned Blood
mansion. The hoboes are played by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in their first true teaming, giving the
film a historical importance far outweighing any true comedic merits. Hurlock left the screen at the
coming of sound and married playwright Marc Connelly. They were divorced in 1935, and she wed yet
another literary legend, Robert E. Sherwood, a union that lasted until Sherwood's death in 1955.
Biographies of both writers have treated Madeline Hurlock with less than kindness.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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