~Lottie Pickford~

Born: June 9, 1895 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died: December 9, 1936 (age 41) in Los Angeles, California, USA
Life in Hollywood No. 6 (Short) (1927)
Don Q Son of Zorro (1925) ... Lola (as Lottie Pickford Forrest)
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (1924) ... Jennie Faxton (as Lottie Pickford Forrest)
Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 8 (Documentary short) (1923) ... Herself
They Shall Pay (1921) ... Margaret Seldon

The Man from Funeral Range (1918) ... Dixie
Mile-a-Minute Kendall (1918) ... Rosalynde d'Aubre
On the Level (1917) ... Eleanore Duke
The Reward of Patience (1916) ... Edith Penfield
Curly (Short) (1915) ... Curly
Fanchon, the Cricket (1915) ... Madelon
The Diamond from the Sky (1915) ... Esther , the Gypsy Heroine
The House of Bondage (1914) ... Mary Denbigh
Granny (Short) (1913) ... Eileen - an Orphan
For Old Time's Sake (Short) (1913)
When a Girl Loves (Short) (1913) ... Betty
A Child's Remorse (Short) (1912)
Love's Diary (Short) (1912) ... Kate Morgan - the Stenographer
Lena and the Geese (Short) (1912)
The Girl Strikers (Short) (1912) ... Ann
Into the Jungle (Short) (1912) ... Mary
A Beast at Bay (Short) (unconfirmed) (1912)
The Pilgrimage (Short) (1912) ... Gretchen
A Mardi Gras Mix-Up (Short) (1912) ... Paul's Wife
Rescued by Wireless (Short) (1912) ... Grace Langton (as Lottie Smith)
The Belle of New Orleans (Short) (1912)
Love Finds the Way (Short) (1912) ... Margaret Durand - Jack's Sweetheart
Love Will Find a Way (Short) (1912) ... The Girl
Little Red Riding Hood (Short) (1911)
Love at Gloucester Port (Short) (1911) ... Alice Newall
The Courting of Mary (Short) (1911)
Who's Who (Short) (1911) ... Georgia
The Toss of a Coin (Short) (1911)
The Lighthouse Keeper (Short) (1911) ... Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Sweet Memories (Short) (1911) ... Young Lettie Terrell
Three Sisters (Short) (1911) ... At Dancing Academy
A Wreath of Orange Blossoms (Short) (1911)
Fate's Turning (Short) (1911)
The Dream (Short) (1911) ... Bess - the Typewriter (uncredited)
His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant (Short) (1911) ... Woman at
Farewell (uncredited)
Help Wanted (Short) (1911) ... In Corridor
The Midnight Marauder (Short) (1911) ... Mrs. Henry Blowhard
The Italian Barber (Short) (1911) ... At Ball
The Two Paths (Short) (1911) ... At Party
White Roses (Short) (1910) ... At Party
His Sister-In-Law (Short) (1910) ... Eva
The Golden Supper (Short) (1910) ... Flower Girl (uncredited)
Happy Jack, a Hero (Short) (1910) ... At Party
A Child's Stratagem (Short) (1910)
A Plain Song (Short) (1910) ... Storemate
Simple Charity (Short) (1910) ... In Hallway
Two Little Waifs (Short) (1910)
The Broken Doll (Short) (1910) ... Townswoman
A Gold Necklace (Short) (1910) ... Nellie
Examination Day at School (Short) (1910)
The Oath and the Man (Short) (1910)
A Summer Idyll (Short) (1910)
The Affair of an Egg (Short) (1910)
Unexpected Help (Short) (1910)
The Call to Arms (Short) (1910)
Serious Sixteen (Short) (1910)
A Victim of Jealousy (Short) (1910)
A Knot in the Plot (Short) (1910)
The Tenderfoot's Triumph (Short) (1910)
The Smoker (Short) (1910)
The Newlyweds (Short) (1910)
The Woman from Mellon's (Short) (1910) ... Young Woman (unconfirmed)

To Save Her Soul (Short) (1909)
The Test (Short) (1909) ... A Maid (unconfirmed)
The Red Man's View (Short) (1909) ... Minnewanna (uncredited)
Through the Breakers (Short) (1909) ... At the Ball
In the Window Recess (Short) (1909)
The Light That Came (Short) (1909)
What's Your Hurry? (Short) (1909)
His Lost Love (Short) (1909) ... At Wedding
The Broken Locket (Short) (1909)
Getting Even (Short) (1909) ... Party Guest
The Hessian Renegades (Short) (1909)
The Little Darling (Short) (1909)
The Indian Runner's Romance (Short) (1909) ... Indian (unconfirmed)
The Better Way (Short) (1909) ... Puritan
A Strange Meeting (Short) (1909) ... At Party
The Slave (Short) (1909) ... A Dancer
Tender Hearts (Short) (1909) ... Nellie's Friend
The Cardinal's Conspiracy (Short) (1909) ... The Princess' Servant (unconfirmed)
The Necklace (Short) (1909)
The Faded Lilies (Short) (1909)
Two Memories (Short) (1909)
Actress. While she never enjoyed the popularity of her older sister, the legendary actress Mary Pickford,
or her younger brother Jack Pickford, she nevertheless had a modest amount of fame in her own right.
Like her siblings, she also got her start in acting by playing juvenile roles in stage plays upon the urging
of their mother Charlotte. However, she primarily served as Mary's understudy and dresser instead of
getting prominent roles herself. They moved from stage acting to screen acting in 1909 when they were
signed by Biograph Studios. For the next few years she appeared in numerous shorts, although many
times she was cast in uncredited or bit roles. Among these shorts were 'The Light That Came' (1909), 'To
Save Her Soul' (1909), 'A Summer Idyll' (1910), 'Two Little Waifs' (1910), 'A Wreath of Orange Blossoms'
(1911), and 'Three Sisters' (1911). In 1911, she left Biograph and began working at various other studios,
such as Inceville, Vitagraph, and Photo Drama Motion Picture Company. Although she appeared in a
number of shorts and, later, features with her older sister, with her younger brother, and sometimes
worked in movies with both of them, the only full-length feature in which all three Pickford siblings
appeared together was 'Fanchon the Cricket' (1915), in which they played the leading roles. Following
this, she began to enjoy more important leading roles in movies, such as 'The Diamond from the Sky' (a
1915 serial), 'The Reward of Patience' (1916), 'The Man from Funeral Range' (1918), and 'They Shall
Pay' (1921). Originally her sister Mary had been offered the leading role in 'The Diamond from the Sky,'
but she turned down the opportunity and their mother Charlotte suggested Lottie to the serial's
producers. When the original director abandoned the project after finding out that Lottie was pregnant
(by her husband George Rupp), William Desmond Taylor obligingly took over. His quality of work and
his kind treatment of Lottie influenced Mary to eventually hire him as her own director. Lottie's child was
officially christened Mary Pickford Rupp, although she later had her daughter's name changed to
Gwynne. When she divorced Rupp in 1920, her mother Charlotte and her sister Mary took over Gwynne's
upbringing. Lottie later remarried to the actor Allan Forrest, and appeared in her last two films, 'Dorothy
Vernon of Haddon Hall' (1924) and 'Don Q, Son of Zorro' (1925), under the name Lottie Pickford Forrest.
However, this marriage too didn't last, and in 1928 they got divorced. Her final marriage was to Russel O.
Gillard, an undertaker. This marriage similarly ended in divorce in 1933. Like her younger brother Jack,
whom she idolized, Lottie had also developed problems with drinking and with throwing notoriously
wild parties. This lifestyle would eventually lead to the premature end of her acting career and her death
at the age of only forty-one.