~Just Around the Corner~
Written & Directed by: Frances Marion

Based on a story by Fannie Hurst

Margaret Seddon ... Ma Birdsong
Lewis Sargent ... Jimmie Birdsong
Sigrid Holmquist ... Essie Birdsong
Eddie Phillips ... Joe Ullman (as Edward Phillips)
Fred Thomson ... The Real Man
Peggy Parr ... Lulu Pope
Rosa Rosanova ... Mrs. Finshreiber
William Nally ... Mr. Blatsky
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Cosmopolitan Productions

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: William Randolph Hearst
Cinematography by: Henry Cronjager
Set Designer: Joseph Urban

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 11, 1921
~Plot Synopsis~
In addition to her illustrious career as a screenwriter, Frances Marion also directed a few pictures.
This one, based on a Fannie Hurst story that was published in the Saturday Evening Post, is typical of
Marion's sentimental tastes. Since the screenwriter had worked quite a bit with Mary Pickford, it's
not surprising that Sigrid Holmquist was cast to star here -- she had gained a reputation in her native
country as "the Swedish Mary Pickford." Ma Birdsong, a widow (Margaret Seddon), is devoted to her
two teenage children -- Jimmy (Lewis Sargent) and Essie (Holmquist). They live on New York's Lower
East Side, and against her mother's wishes, Essie gets a job as a theater usher. The girl becomes
involved with Joe Ullman, a young man of questionable morals (Edward Phillips). Mrs. Birdsong
wants to meet Essie's sweetheart, but Ullman does everything he can to avoid this. Finally, when her
mother is dying, Essie realizes how neglectful she has been. Still, Ullman refuses to come to Mrs.
Birdsong's bedside. But Essie finds a kind stranger (Fred Thomson) who offers to play her boyfriend.
Mrs. Birdsong dies believing that her daughter will be taken care of. And she's right -Essie and the
stranger fall in love. Actor Fred Thomson, incidentally, was Frances Marion's husband. Later in the
decade he became a cowboy star.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com