~Jealousy on the Ranch~

Joseph De Grasse ... Ralph Tracy
Louise Glaum ... Nell Barclay (unconfirmed)
George Gebhardt ... Louis Potosi (as Joseph Gebhart)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Pathé Frères

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: August 21, 1912
~Plot Synopsis~
Although Nell Barclay is very young, she has succeeded in falling in love with Ralph Tracy, a big,
manly ranch owner and friend of her father. Louis Potosi, a neighbor, is also in love with Nell. The
two suitors attend the round-up held on the Barclay ranch and pay court to the pretty girl while
watching the roping and branding of the cattle. Sunset finds the mates engrossed in each other and
perfectly oblivious of the presence of Louis. The following day Louis lies in wait for Ralph on his
morning ride and, as he passes, fires at him, wounding him slightly. The girl is a witness to the
cowardly attack, and notifies the cowboys, who pursue the fleeing Louis. After a thrilling ride the
culprit is brought to bay and the boys attend to him. They return to the ranch in time to find Ralph
and Nell in fond embrace.

—Moving Picture World synopsis