~Is Divorce a Failure?~
Directed by: Wallace Worsley

Written by: Leah Baird (adaptation & screenplay)

Based on the play "All Mine," by Dorian Neve (publication undetermined)

Leah Baird ... Carol Lockwood
Richard Tucker ... David Lockwood
Walter McGrail ... Kelcey Barton
Tom Santschi ... Smith
Alec B. Francis ... Philip Wilkinson
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Arthur Beck

Distribution Company: Associated Exhibitors

Presented by: Arthur F. Beck

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: March 16, 1923
~Plot Synopsis~
Actress/screenwriter Leah Baird starred in this comedy-melodrama. She also adapted the screenplay
from Dorian Neve's play All Mine. Because Carol Lockwood is being romanced by Kelcey Barton
(Walter McGrail), her husband, David (Richard Tucker) is on the verge of divorcing her. Their lawyer
believes that the Lockwoods can work things out, so he convinces them separately to take a voyage,
then books them on the same ship. Barton comes along too, which makes things interesting when the
ship wrecks and he's cast ashore with Carol, David, and Smith (Tom Santschi), a deck steward who
also happens to love Carol. Carol plays it cool and does not visibly favor any of the men. Barton comes
down with a fever, and David and Smith take a rowboat to a nearby island to find some medicinal
herbs. Smith ditches David and rows back to Carol, hoping to have his way with her. David heroically
braves the sharks to swim back and protect his estranged wife. The couple reconciles, and Barton and
Smith plot to attack David. A volcano and a tornado interrupt their plans, and a ship finally rescues
the castaways.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com