~Home Wanted~
Directed by: Tefft Johnson

Written by:
Lucy Sarver (story)

Madge Evans ... Madge Dow
William T. Carleton ... Major Amesworth
Anna Lehr ... Letty Thompson
Jack Drumier ... Pierre
Hugh Thompson ... Dick Washburn
Charles Sutton ... Jonathan Eastern
Maude Turner Gordon ... Mrs. William Thompson
Winifred Leighton ... Martha
Michael J. Hanlon ... Spotty
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: World Film

Cinematography by: Philip Hatkin

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 30, 1919
~Plot Synopsis~
Every night, Madge Dow of the Middleport Orphanage, imagines herself in the lighted room in the
house across the way, being tucked into bed by a beautiful mother. After Madge and her friend Spotty
escape to visit settlement worker Letty Thompson, and Letty encourages them to investigate the
house, they find a grumpy, gout-ridden old Major there, still irritated over his daughter's marriage
years ago without his consent. After the Major explodes when Spotty raids the jam jars, Madge takes
the Major for a wheel-chair ride, but loses control on a hill and runs away, leaving the Major soaked in
a storm. Fortunately, Dick Washburn, a physician engaged to Letty, rescues the Major and cures his
gout. Because Dick does not know his parentage, Letty's mother will not allow their marriage. When
Madge endears herself to the Major, however, he reveals that Dick is his grandson. When Dick and
Letty marry, Madge lives with them in the Major's home.